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Click squares to set where you think the ships are.
Numbers show how many ship squares are on that row or column.


I find these puzzles to be a fun mindless activity while listening to podcasts, thought I'd share them. They're a version of the Battleship Puzzle - also known as Battleship Solitaire, Bimaru, or Yubotu.

Various sized ships (shown on top of the puzzle) are hidden on the board. To solve the puzzle, fill all squares correctly. Numbers show how many "boat squares" are in each row or column:

Ships can't touch, not even diagonally.

Strategy Tips

If you're stuck on a puzzle, these rules / tips can help:

Only-spots-left rule: if a row has e.g. 3 boat squares and all but 3 squares are water, the rest must be boats:

The-rest-is-water rule: likewise, if a row already has the required number of boats (including 0), the rest is water:

Tip: you can click on these numbers to auto-fill water.

Water-on-corners rule: since ships can't touch diagonally, you can always set the corners around a boat square to water:

Surround-whole-boats rule: if you know where a whole boat is, you can surround it completely with water:

Only-place-it-could-fit rule: often there's only one spot left on the board that the largest ship could fit:

Playable on mobile devices, for on-the-toilet fun.


Settings / Misc.

Hard mode:
Not for the faint of heart—use checkpoints to backtrack and try different paths.
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