How to Pay (and why)

OK - here's my pitch on why you should pay for this game.

To be clear, you already have the full game. You won't unlock anything by paying (except, *cough*, my heart) and there's no paywall. So why bother?

Ads are a bummer

I used to have ads on this site. They make a tiny bit of money but they're annoying - page slowdown, bandwidth drain, tracking and privacy problems, overall distractingness.

So I'm trying an experiment: no more ads. No more Google Analytics or 3rd-party trackers either.

Pay what you want

Instead, you can pay what you want: pay something that reflects your level of appreciation, or whatever value you feel you get from the game.

I put in many hours making it the nicest version of battleships I could; works on any device, clean interface, interesting puzzle generation. No artificial limits to the number of puzzles you can play. No social media nags, no mailing list to pester you about. Also no gold stars, badges, or in-game battleships diamonds for $4.99. Just nice engaging little puzzles you can play the way you want.

I don't particularly like paying for things myself - I prefer having money to not having it. But I do occasionally enjoy contributing to things I like and use a lot. Supporting cool stuff on the web helps it thrive, and encourages creators to keep creating and sharing. And on a larger scale, societies thrive when everyone contributes, when both sides benefit - it's the win-win principle, the golden rule, etc.

So whether you support my little game here or something else you like on the web, thanks. You're helping move the internet in a healthy direction.

If you don't want to pay, consider sharing it. A little exposure isn't a substutitue for money but it's better than neither.

Also don't pay too much, it's just a dumb puzzle game!