Luke’s Random Projects


Game you can play in the browser, with randomly generated worlds and deep weapon customization.

Phrase Generator

Generates random phrases, poking fun at all things formulaic. Featuring political rhetoric, blog headlines, action movie titles and more.

Battleships Puzzle

Some mindless fun while you're listening to podcasts.

Privacy-Respecting Sharing Buttons

Open-source sharing buttons for your website that respect your users' privacy.

Awesome Frameworks

22,107 randomly generated tech projects the world didn't need.

Neural Network Art Experiments

Some computer-generated graphics using the Caffe neural network framework and an image-recognition model trained by Google (this article explains the approach).

Shader Fun

Procedurally generated animated art.

Match-3 Game

A little web-based match-3 game I made for my girlfriend. Most of the objects are weird in-jokes.

Quote Boxes

A site featuring quotefall puzzles, where you unscramble columns of letters to get a funny or interesting quote.


Some of my music projects.

Quadruple-A Games

A site with some of my older game development projects.


Dynamic sound synthesis using Javascript. Annoy your neighbors.

Boulder Apocalypse

80,000 boulders raineth from the sky.

Hex Quiz

Attain mastery over your 4-bit hex nibbles.