Luke’s Random Projects

Battleship Solitaire

Mindless podcast companion.

The Blog

Thoughts on life, business, programming and culture.

Weapon Hacker

A randomly-generated metroidvania; hack together custom weapons and explore a multiverse of weapon facilities.

Phrase Generator

Randomly generated political rhetoric, blog headlines, fake bible quotes and more.

Privacy-Respecting Sharing Buttons

Open-source, simple sharing buttons for your website.

Hex Quiz

For programmers. Learn to convert hex to binary in your head.

Shader Fun

Animated mathematical art.

Awesome Frameworks

22,107 randomly generated tech projects the world didn't need.

Neural Network Art Experiments

Some computer-generated graphics using the Caffe neural network framework.


Dynamic sound synthesis using Javascript. Annoy your neighbors.

Quote Boxes

Unscramble columns of letters to get a quotation.


Some of my music projects.

Quadruple-A Games

Some of my older game projects.

Boulder Apocalypse

80,000 boulders raineth from the sky.